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I Better break out MW2

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I just scored a set of NOS PC version i-O i-glasses :nana:


For those that don't know that that is, it's a old high end HMD/HUD It's sort of like a oculus rift, but it uses prism display and your head is not in a box so to say. It's more like the display in a fighter pilot helmet.


It never had much of a use outside games like Mech Warrior 2, Descent and Warbirds. But hay, its 3d, its 640x480, it has head tracking and is so 90's.

But today it's more so used with RC cars, airplanes and drones.


Now do I hack it and rig it up with a drone or just play MW2 with it?

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And your first thought wasn't porn? Bollocks.

My first thought was to bench it sub zero, but I do not want to poor ln2 on my head.


No my first thought was actually mw2 witch was what they were ment for back in the mid 90s.

Nabbed up a slot A tbird and mobo just to use it. But I may just rig it with a rc car.

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I got the glasses last night and there pretty cool, not like the VR stuff see have today. Well cheapo chines junk is based on them. But that's cheep junk.

I think I'll do a review on them once I get a daily PC of my own. I been sharing PC for the last few years, bench setups and cell phones only go so far.

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