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Anyone Losing Memory Channels with Time on X58A-OC?

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I bought a board a while back that was known to drop a memory channel but I chalked that up to the overall condition of the board--rough with vas everywhere. Maybe one out of ten times it would boot with the third channel.


I later bought a board that was in flawless condition and all seemed well until a few weeks ago... it started dropping a memory channel as well.


Recently saw that the notorious scammer Systemviper was selling one as well. He said it was treated well which is probably a lie but his was also having the same issue....




Has anyone else had this? Were you able to fix it? If so, what did you do? It looks like it's becoming common on this board as it ages and that's a massive bummer :(

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Hey Mr. Horse, I can say that in the case of my second board, it's absolutely flawless. Nothing missing, not even dirty. Socket is picture-perfect. I tried with two different chips (980X & 960) and plenty of different sticks of memory.


I'm thinking that it's something internal on the board that breaks down with age... a trace or something like that. I'm not sure though. I may reach out to Gigabyte directly to see if they have any experience with this.

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