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[FS] PSC Corsair dominator GT 7.1 (2X2GB)


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EDIT: Now £25



£30 for both ram sticks (paypal)



Some heatspreader fins are bent and the red paint is chipped (see photos below)


One stick is 2133mhz (C9) and the other is 2000mhz (C8), both are v7.1 (PSC chips).

I had to send them to someone else for max overclock testing as I didn't have a platform that could push the ram's to their max. Quickly binned in dual channel. The person that was testing them for me got 2400 7-11-7-28 1T at 1.82v set in bios, however I can't guarantee that its able to hit that speed as i haven't tested them at such high speed myself.

On P45 chipset (socket 775, limiting memory controller) I was running them at 6-9-6-20 72 1960mhz.







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