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No Joy with Gskill f4-3200c14-32gtz


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I just received the ram and installed them...at first my Godlike Carbon recognize the ram,

I enabled Xmp it showed my timings 3200...No problems no overclocking everything else was going fine...Until today I turned the machine on No JOY....I upgraded the bios to 2.2

cleared the cmos and nothing...So I decided to uninstall the ram and the only way it would

display is when only two sticks of ram were installed in 1 and 5....

any ideas on why this happening.


Brand new board ram 17-5930 evga 1300pwr and 970ssc.



Sorry this post should be in the MSI thread.

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Hello Gorgster


The G SKILL F4-3200C14Q-32GTZ, are optimized for the Z170 chipset (from what Ive read from GSKILL website). checkout the site http://www.gskill.com/en/product/f4-3200c14q-32gtz


I have them too, and been using them with my Z170 MB and great timings and results. But on X99 I can't say.


My suggestion, take all the mem sticks, clear cmos, get the latest bios for the Godlike Carbon and try again.


Do some research of the compatibility of the 3200c14 and X99 MB.

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X99 is generally terrible when trying to go over 3000mhz on RAM. The CPU IMCs and motherboards just don't like doing it. I suggest you just drop it down to 3000mhz and try lower timings because 3200 is probably going to be dodgy at best regardless of what you do unless you shove a ton of voltage into the memory controller.

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Guest george.kokovinis

I have a totally different experience.


4 X 8Gb - G.Skill Trident Z - B-die - on bios 3202 Asus RVE.

With 125 strap, XMP works 100% correctly, reading accurately ALL timings.

Reduce speed to 3333.

My four sticks run at 3333 - 12-13-13-28-1T, with extremely tight seconds and thirds, with only 1.55V and 1.15VccSA.

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