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580 Matrix zombie Controller Firmware


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Hey I built a zombie out of a gtx 580 Matrix.

Yesterday everthing worked fine, but today there was no output voltage. I checked all voltages around the controller and found out that the VTT Pin (enable for controller with 3.3v) was shorted (i really dont know how:D) to one of the VID Pins.

I fixed it but still no output. I think it destroyed the controller.


So my idea was to swap the controller with one of a 580 lightning they should be the same.

But i think the firmware is different.

Does anyone knows how i can get the right firmware on the controller? Ive got a second full working 580 Matrix so ive got the firmware but dont know how to load it from one chip to the other.

Or maybe its not even possible to swap controller?


Can anyone help me? :)




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you soldered the wire directly to the pwm VTT ( enable INPUT for pwm)pin? because shorted to any VID pins is only way( think) , besides VTT resistor are near PGOOD resistor witch is pulled up also with 3.3v ..so near that are no VID resistor( or vid traces) to make any short!


VTT pin monitors 12v presence from pci-e slot , and "ask" if any 12v presence are into pci-e slot , if is than pwm are enabled , if not are send to sleep! , BUT to enable the hole pwm you need find the second pin responsable to chip enable!

you are sure that you dont foget another pin to enable the pwm:D ?

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