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Phill's Intel Clearout thread!!


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Intel Motherboards -


DDR3 motherboard - Sold 06/05/16




The famous Asus Rampage Extreme. Needs no introduction at all. From the boxes that I have here, I'm pretty sure it's fairly complete but I did buy it second hand so there might be some SATA cables missing or something.. I'm asking £80 for this.


775 CPUs -




Various 775 CPUs as per description below -


Intel E4600 £2 - Sold 10/05/16

2 x Intel 6400 £2 - Sold 10/05/16

Intel 430 Celeron £2 - Sold 10/05/16

Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz £2 - Sold 10/05/16

Intel QX9650 £60

Intel Q6600 £20

Intel Q9550 £25


I will update as some of the 775 stuff I will keep. Change of plan!

I think I have a couple more CPUs in the motherboards at the moment, these will of course be for sale but will not be included in the prices for the motherboards. Prices are open too offers, as I mentioned in my other thread, please no low balling, offer by all means.


EDIT 10/05/16 - I think I might have a few more around but I will double check.

EDIT 11/05/16 - All the spare dual cores have been told, The quads are still available and the box of unopened 775 dual cores still available. If requested I will split open the box and sell as singles or in bundles if requested/required.


775 CPU collection




I bought about 30 to 35 775 CPUs in a bundle that as you can see I've never even opened. From the advert I remember them being advertised as working but there might be a few of the same CPUs in there ie multiple E4600's, E6300's etc. If you'd like them I'm selling them for the same I paid for them, £35. If wanted with boards or ram or anything, we would work on a deal. Already around a £1 a CPU, I'm not aiming to make a penny from it.


1156 Motherboards - Taken off of sale 11/05/16




The famous Gigabyte H55M-UD2M motherboards. As you can see one was prepped for cold and that works completely fine. I know these are quite popular amongst overclockers, just looking for them to go to a good home. £50 for the prepped board. Doesn't come with anything, just the board. As I have no CPU cover, I'll ship it with what I think is a dead CPU.. (apologises!)

The other board on the right, same board with a few bits from the box, but two of the memory slots nearest the CPU don't work. Not sure why. I bought this through Ebay like it but otherwise the board works fine. Looking for the same I paid for it £30. That does include a back plate and a few manuals. Again no CPU cover so I'll include what I believe to be a dead CPU again. i3 530 I think it might be.

There are two other CPUs there. Both are i3 CPUs I believe one is a 540 and the other 550. Again bought through Ebay, so £10 each. If you wanted the whole lot, will work out a price to sell it all together.


1155 Motherboard - Asus Maxiums 5 Formula - Possibly on hold for filmbot 10/05/16






Asus Maxiums 5 Forumla. Very nice board, came with a i5 3570k and a Corsair AIO. I would be willing to sell the three together for the same money as I paid for it. I believe it was about £240. If your after just the board, I don't believe the guy from Ebay actually sold it with anything else, no backplate I think, but if I find it, I will send anything on that I have missed. £100 for the board plus postage. Works fine and no problems. The i5 is a bit of a poor overclocker but works flawlessly at stock speeds. I think I had about 4.5Ghz from it with the AIO cooler. I think the AIO might be missing a few bits, I've asked Brend to check at his just incase I've left them there!


As mentioned in the other thread, please no low balling. I'm trying to price the hardware to sell and sell quickly as I just want it all gone! Offers always considered, however cheeky... I will always be polite even when too cheeky ;)

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I'm ever so sorry guys, I got caught up in speaking with my daughter before I could add a pending column to what might have been sold in all of the threads that I have put up.


As far as I know, I'm waiting on a gent to tell me know whether or not he will be wanting the Rampage, but if that falls through Funsoul you can have next refusal.

Filmbot has requested info on postage for the Maxiums.


I will try and update as fast as I can guys, I'm back to work tomorrow so I will do my best :)

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I'm taking the 775 boards off of sale for the moment as I need to get them tested and make sure they function properly. Rampage is pending elsewhere but I will update if things change.


Apologises guys, I'd rather not sell something that's not working 100%...

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Thread will be closed as I'm away for a few days. The TridentX will be held on to and I will try and find buyer a PM just to find out if still wanted.


New thread/s will be opened on my return as a few more items coming up for sale. Apologises for any and all bunnybird ups, stressful time at the moment fighting in court for my daughter..


Anyone still interested in anything, please drop me a line, I'll reply as and when I can. Cheers!

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