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Summer 2016 Party in PA *Official Sign-Ups*

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@Xyala and I are departing Montréal (bus), first stop in Kingston then going all the way down with marc0053.


According to gmaps we should be there about the evening.


We got an extra prototype of the Open Benchtable with us, so you guys can test it ^_^



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Hit me up.. I'm already here. :)



Hey everyone! On the puddle jumper in Chicago now. Arriving in Harrisburg later this morning. Gonna grub and hit the sack for a bit. Caught red-eye flights from Cali.


Is anyone going to the hardware store today? I gotta pick up some Teflon tape. Maybe I can catch a ride if anyone's going this afternoon....


BTW I brought two OCC X duals. This is actually a real unveiling! Only one overclocker has even seen photos. I also brought my zero ice purge case. Can't wait to show and tell! Hopefully a couple guys might be interested in taking an OCC X Dual for a spin this weekend!

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Bad news..for me. my sister down in philly had some troubles today, her car got involved in a hit and run while she was at work, from what im told the back end is a mess. So me and my father have to go down there tomorow with a car trailer and pick it up to bring back to my dads house to see what all is damaged and fix what needs to be, if possible.



Im hoping everything goes quickly and i can come down to harrisburg sat night. If not then looks like sunday i should be there.


Sucks but nothing i can do, life is life. Owell. Crying wont fix anything.



Anyways, have fun everybody, and appologieze to those who were counting on using any of my loaner items, ik deeply sorry.




Sorry for long post. I rambled.

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Heya folks!


Just wanted to thank everyone for my best benching-related experience ever (so far)! What an outstanding time!!! I learned more from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon than I have in the entire time I've been benching!


It was excellent to meet everyone! What a great group of folks! Really was such a pleasure to get to hang out with the crew.


Going to write up the weekend experience and will link it here but until then....huge thank you's out to steponz/Joe for everything he showed me and getting Corsair involved. TREMENDOUS thanks out to Corsair for their awesome sponsorship!!! Also thanks go out to hotrod for hooking us up with the killer ln2 connection (plus being there for tank delivery and return). Thank you also to Pieter, hwbot and the super-kind OCTV crew! Another big thanks go out to all my OCF teamates for helping out and giving me the encouragement to see this thing through!


Most importantly, of course, thanks again to everyone who made it to the party (as well as those who offered words, wishes and donations). You guys are what really made this event so hat's off to you! Now that the ice has been broken, hopefully we'll do more regional events in the future.


Thanks again for an amazing time!



Links to OCTV:






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