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Suspicious results in Rookie League/Rumble...

Guest harrynowl

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Guest harrynowl

So I was looking in the rookie league OC esports and saw a submission that didn't seem right...




The temp says 29c, on water (apparently)- at 1.7v. That's good SS/weak pot (dice) territory (or better) talking to some other members who use Skylake.


So I checked some other submissions because maybe, temp bugged. But there are quite a few that don't seem like AIO/custom loop scores at all...






Might be worth a look at.

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Guest harrynowl
could be uber cold were he lives or geo thermal cooling or bad temp probe.


I gotten mid 30 load on a 6 core 1366 Xeon at 4.2ghz before on cold winter runs.

It's a really hard call with temps alone.


I did assume the last, I wouldn't just report someone for the sake of it. But a few of the submissions pointed out do suggest something colder than water was used


I get ~55c load on my X5680 at 1.4V or so as well, they are pretty cool running chips :)

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