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And so it begins ...

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I got mine like 3 weeks ago, it's pretty amazing the first two days, later it's kinda boring ...the lab is great, also portal stories. My wife loves tilt bursh.


But for gaming, I don't know ... it's too much for me. Unless Half Life 3 for VR is released LOL !

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Depends on the game too. If he wants to play new games then yeah you need some real power like a 1080, but anything older and any goid modern gaming system will do. There is a big difference with a game like dirt 3 and newer games with much higher requirements.


Basically at lest duble what you need from the gpu end or that's always been my thoughts.


He's currently on X58 platform, any issues using that?


Is SLI/CF working with VR or only single GPU?

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Hey PJ :)


You went for Vive?

I got Oculus DK2 few years back and Oculus CV1 last year, today I got the Touch controllers.


none touch best experience so far is Assetto Corsa, Nurburgring in a Porsche GT3

- Custom Cup Seat

- Thrusmaster T500 RS wheel

- Thrustmaster Gear stick

- ButtKick Sim attached to bottom of chair: rumble baby!


Hands in game align correctly with real hands on wheel, so immersion is top :)

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The VR experience has been "nice", but nothing mind-blowing.




Oculus Touch adds another dimension for sure, literally too, I don't have enough space to play most the touch games.


VR is dangerous and won't to only do it in small doses, otherwise risk got get lost and never go outside again ;)




if you don't find any of the games mind blowing, just means you haven't tried the right one yet :)

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