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(FS)Skylake sellout 6700K, MaximusVIII Hero


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up for sale is a complete skylake test system with several mem kits, all can be bought seperately, if you buy several items you can save on shipping and get small rebate




1. Asus Maximus VIII Hero Z170 bulk


The board works flawless, atm BIOS 0040 is flashed, if you want to use the rgb lighting on chipset, you will need a newer BIOS like 0014 on which I had full color changing effects. Bought as short term replacement when I killed my other Hero by idiocy, now not needed anymore as I decoded to skip skylake and ddr4 in near future. The board comes without any accessories in neutral box, it was bought with two year warranty and has also warranty with serial number imho, invoice will be provided to buyer as copy.


heromems6700k2omufe.jpg heromems6700ktua0a.jpg


2. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed wof


Retail, non delidded, Batch L603F337, I tested the cpu for 5ghz 4/8 boot/1m win7x64 on my old Hero (LLC7) 1,39v Bios, around 1,42v 32m and around 1,43v hwbotprime air, 4,5ghz Prime 1 hour 1344k needed 1,23v. No gem, but above average imho.


heromems6700k61ea57.jpg 11405vbiosboot32mb8uob.jpg



5. 2x4GB G.Skill RipjawV 3600 17-18-18-38 1,35v


Retail as well, SN1614A500, Samsung E most likely, do specs fine, no decent oc tests because I had better things to do than wrestle skylake. In original blister package



Prices (do not include shipping)

1. 130 Euros sold

2. 310 Euros sold

5. 50 Euros sold


The hardware is located at Berlin, germany, shipping cost will vary, from around 17 Euros for the board to around 7 for the e-die, all depends on value and transporter, if you are unsure about this please ask for a quote. Payment accepted with paypal (buyer cover fees or uses family and friend option) or western union.


Disclaimer: private sale, no returns accepted and no warranty provided because I have to rule this out according to wonderful eu laws. OC results might vary a lot, but I used aircooling for results mentioned and see no reason these should not work with decent hardware and good bencher

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