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GtiJason - Core i7 6700K @ 5000MHz - 1795 marks XTU


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Thanks guys, guess it's time to make a 2nd account an rule the Rookie Comps. :) I'm kidding of course I have respect for what we do and only ran XTU after seeing that the 5g challenge seems to be full legit now. 1800 is going to be very hard to beat and time consuming testing every combination of rtl/iol and the rest, I was stuck at 1780ish with mems fully maxxed out. Yeah eff falls off quickly no matter how good mems are


Zero, I'll get you a 4.5g score in the next few days to compare with the AU LCC thread :)


EDIT, Zero- ran 4.5 XTU real quick (one run) 1618 , so I think 1625 is possible

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