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9800GTX @ G-Powerboard

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Hi, I wanted to share some pics of my mod to a XFX 9800GTX+ using a Gigabyte G-PowerBoard. I know that soldering is horrible, the mod is still not finished yet, I just connected it fast to see if the GPU still worked. I need to improve VGPU connections and add more ground cables.


I would like to know if someone has any suggestion to make about the mod, since this is my first mod using an external powerboard.


Here are the pics:


















UPDATE NUMBER ONE - Added more grounds and improved vGPU Connection:






Also added heatsink from stock cooling system and added two 80mm fans for air test...










Test on my 24/7 OS with stock CPU, fans on silent mode (Very low spinning, thats why it hits that temp). The GPU profile is the max stable with stock VRM on stock cooling, didn't try pushing more yet, just checking that it works fine with some stress bigger than showing desktop.


Will update soon when I test it with some benchs on XP...

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It works, so it is good enough :D


Yeah, the problem is that it has to support a lot of current with high OC and those cables aren't enough yet, so I have to add more...


Looks good man. Hope its a good one!


Yeah, I think the same... With stock voltage it was normal, have to try with more now :D

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Just curious, where did you get your G-Powerboard?


Gigabyte gave it to me last year...


never enough ground :) nice pics!


Thanks! PD: nice to have a comment of a master of OC in my thread :D


Nice work, messy work :P But nice work non the less :)


Yeah, I know, but its works that it's the important thing jaja Will put more effort on next one ^^

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