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[FS] Z77UD3H Golden2600K G.Skill2133


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Hi all, looking to sell this platform as I'm done with it and wanting new toys to play with :)


Z77X UD3H £45


The UD3H is Rev 1.2 and has LET applied around the CPU socket both on the front and back and comes with all accessories in the box


Golden 2600K SOLD


Had this chip under ss and easily runs 5.5GHz XTU did 5.63GHz SuperPi 1M. If you want to know more just check my profile for subs using this chip.


G.Skill RipjawX 2133 2x2GB £25


Never really used these but I bought them off Websmile, below is a quote from Websmiles for sale thread where I bought them


11111040 SN ending 23/24, PSC on 8155 PCB. Kit works flawless, 2400c7 on Ivy 1,69v, specs work way below the rated 1,5v. Excellent condition, bulk


We all know Websmile is good for he says they can do.


Looking to sell the platform as a whole, could be a nice easy place for someone to start with.


Asking for £225 including shipping to UK


Will Ship Worldwide




UD3H £50

2600K £120 SOLD

G.Skills £25


Prices don't include shipping costs.

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Willing to part out? Would love to get that 2600k if the price is reasonable.


Update: Adding up the parts vs pricing, don't know if parting out the cpu to me would make sense for either of us. Forgot sandy's wicked CB :/ Also not sure if it's golden (silver maybe?). GLWS!

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