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(FS)Impacts,6600Ks, top 4690K, Pentium


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welcome to the second part of my total sellout, all items listed are in working condition but can go due to me not benching anymore





1. Intel Core i5 6600K boxed wof


Batch L547, bought originally together with a couple of other cpus for binning, especially imc capability. I do not need it anymore because I do not test Ram anymore. 4,8GHz CB15 1,31v, HWbotx265 1,168v not minimized on OCFM 4,5ghz, imc could run 4133+. In box with booklet, non delidded and not lapped, full warranty


jd801451s3o4d.jpg jd801452j4pv0.jpg 6600k547245ghz26511685ga6k.jpg


2. Intel Core 1 5 6600K boxed wof


Also batch L547, bought for same reason. 4,8Ghz CB15 1,29v, 2x30minutes prime 1344 4,5ghz 1,168v on OCFM at 22° ambient air-cooled, IMC 4000+ at least, never fully tested for this. Like on #1, all test for core were made ambient 25° celsius last days on air cooling. In box with booklet, non delidded or lapped, full warranty


jd801450z7rux.jpg jd8014583xyxn.jpg 6600kl547b637prime116s9od6.jpg


3. Intel Pentium G4400 boxed (S1151)


Good Pentium, I was able to bench it on air above 4,7ghz at 1,4v, IMC did 4000 and more. In box with fan, non delidded or lapped, full warranty



4. Intel Core i 5 4690K


Best 4690K I ever had, 1,26v wprime 32 and 1,27v 4/4 5ghz Spi 32M. Afaik it was originally a boxed version, now bulk and delidded with LM and slightly lapped HS.L422 batch, no warranty



5. Asus Maximus Impact VIII Socket 1151


The board is in excellent condition, I made last tests tuesday, flashed BIOS 0018 and tested all stuff like sound and LAN, before this I did a couple of benchtests at 4133 with b-die. In box with full accessory incl. Wifi antenna and fan modul, full warranty, I will provide the invoice of a german online shop.

jd801456zsaww.jpg jd801455a1uvk.jpg


6. Asus Maximus VII Impact Socket 1150


Like new, I bought the board bulk from rma and used it slightly for tests and surfing, for this I organized a soundcard which is part of the deal as well as I/O shield. Full warranty (nearly 2 years with alternate) and should be more with Asus, but did not check.


jd801457wjlhk.jpg jd8014541lpd8.jpg

7. Der 8auer delid die mate


Original tool for delidding cpus, including both wrenches and manual




Prices (shipping comes on top)


1. 220 Euros sold

2. 250 Euros sold

3. 65 Euros sold

4. 260 Euros sold

5. 180 Euros sold

6. 150 Euros

7. 55 Euros sold


Payment is possible with paypal (buyer covers fees) or western union, the items are located at germany. I will perferably sell within eu because shipping is ok there, it can be around 15-20 euros depending on item, please get a quote especially from outside of eu. Items like the Pentium I can ship much cheaper without cooler, but I only send with tracking and insurance. I am still testing my mems of which I will sell most as well and other boards, so I might do a second thread on top



Disclaimer: private sale, no returns and no warranty because I have to rule this out

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Thanks. It doesn´t change much at benching, I haven´t seriously done for long time now :D - mem binning makes no sense anymore, it is better to skip than ride a dead horse when all is flooded with handpicked es samples^^

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Thanks, the board has indeed its qualities


#2(6600K) and #4(4690K) sold together with a ddm in bundle


Edit #1(6600K) sold, and #3(Pentium G4400) sold as well, both already paid

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