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DFI Lanparty LP-DK-790FX Overclock Help?

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Pulled this board out of the closet to do some submissions on HWBot. I put the AMD Athlon 7750+ BE CPU in it, by the way. But first, the board will only boot into Windows stable at 235 MHz on the CPU/HTT speed. I tried to see if there was a way to lower the HTT multiplier, but I could not find the option in the BIOS for it. Anyone know what it could be called? Next, if I were to raise the CPU multiplier, it will not show in Windows or act like it even was changed, even all the options I can find are set to manual. Anyone have any ideas on whats happening?

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i have the same board, but mate im sorry its been so long since ive had it on to bench, mine is a LP DK 790FX M2RS, all dfi boards are finicky boards, i know that, i have 4 i think, 939 and am2, they like different ram, and in different slot, depending what ram you're using, mr scott is the dfi,and amd man to go to on here and W9 , at a guess to start try to keep the NB around the 1000- 1100 mark, i havent had it on for so long i forget unless i see it in front of me

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