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(FS)DDR2 top kits (Cellshock, Crucial, Mushkin)


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I decided to sell my ddr2 oc ram, all sticks were tested last days with memtest86 and Spi32m to ensure they work. Please refer to item description for details. Tests were done on a random GA-X38 DS5 with a Pentium 7500




1. 6x1GB Cellshock DDR2-1000 C4-4-4-12 2,3v


Three dual kits in original packaging, tests resulted in four sticks doing 1000c4 around 2,1-2,15v memtest and 32m, fifth stick shows a continuous memtest error over same adress but does 32m 1000c4 as well, sixth stick fails specs. So basically I am selling four working and two defective sticks with Micron D9GKX. Please note that one or two of the sticks have classical Cellshock coldboot issue, means they need around 2v for boot. Three original boxes are part of the deal


ddr220166hvsk4.jpg ddr2201651esb9.jpg


2. 2x1GB Mushkin DDR2-1066 C5-5-5-15 2,1v


Awesome kit, 1333 5-5-5-15 tight easy around 2,15v on P45, I checked on DS5 yesterday and it works flawless. If I remember correctly I did above 1400 c5 Spi32m with the kit once below 2,3v. Bulk



3. 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2-800 C4-4-4-12 2,2v


Nice lightshow and nice oc, 1000c4 and 1200c5 easy, the heatspreaders were remived by first owner, so if you want to bench them with hs on, you need new pads. Bulk




4. 2x2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2-800 C4-4-4-12 2,0v


Most likely Micron D9JKH, good sticks for modding or 24/7 oc but these will, like all 2gb sticks, don´t break records at benchmarks. Excellent condition, tested for specs at 1,8v.




5. 2x1GB OCZ SLI DDR2-1066 C5-5-5-15 2.3v


One stick doesnt boot on the ds5, second one does 1000 c4 2,1v which indicates micron d9g. I sell these only together with other sticks bc it makes no sense to ship them single.




Prices in euros


1. 45 Euros+shipping sold

2. 40 Euros+shipping sold

3. 20 Euros+shipping sold

4. 30 Euros+shipping

5. 10 Euros sold


Payment is possible with paypal or western union, shipping will be 7-10 Euros depending on weight (the six cs sticks are heavy) with deutsche post or around 15 with dhl within eu if someone takes all.


Disclaimer: private sale, no returns and no warranty provided by me. Please note that this is old hardware, compability might cause problems especially if you are new to ddr2 or have bad boards. On oc, ymmv, but imho it shouldn´t be hard to beat results at good oc board, the ds5 is awesome board for quads but not famous for mem oc

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