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preferred os for extreme overclocking

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Very helpful zero...


What you need to do is check the top scores in each benchmark and check what OS they are using. The best OS differs from bench to bench. Once you have found out which OS is best, you can either strip them before install using nlite/ntlite, or after install by disabling services. For XP there is a good guide if you google "blackviper xp services"

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Yeah, each bench performs better with different OS, using only one OS for every bench isn't recommended at all. I have 5 differents OSs installed right now for different benches.


This may not be exactly the correct OS for each bench but it is what I use: SuperPi = XP SP3, Wprime = W10 x64 or W7x64 , Cinebench = W10 x64 or W7 x64 , Geekbench = W10 x64 or W7 x64, XTU = W10 or W8.1 32 bit both, HWBOT Prime = W10 or W8.1 x64, and for 3D 3DM2001 and 03 with XP SP3, the rest W10 x64. All of them stripped and with some other changes but thats your work.


Hope it helps, anyway like Rauf said, check the rankings and look what OS they use. For 3D you can look at GPU-Z to know the OS fastly.

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its also important to check the rules section of the benchmark download page. because of timer issues some os's cant be used in certain benches. For instance, Cinebench r15

Cinebench R15 Rules


When you download a benchmark, for instance cpu benches, on the right side of the page are rules links for that bench. They specify which os you can run as well as any other documentation you may need to submit.


For example



The timer issue started with some benches with windows 8.

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