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I just built a gaming pc with an ASRock Fatality z170a Gaming K4. I tried instant flashing to the bios provided in the overclocking guide for my mobo. I used the specified settings for OCing in the bios:


BCLK 122

Voltage 1.325, level 1

DRAM 2600, XMP settings


I save the settings and reboot and nothing happens. It tries to start and just hangs with a black screen. So I tried dialing everything back to find something stable. Nothing aside from the stock settings for the bios work.


Here is my build:


ASRock Fatality z170a Gaming K4 motherboard

Intel i5-6500 CPU

16 GB DDR4 2400

Samsung 750 EVO 250 GB SSD (Boot Drive)

Windows 10 Pro

NO GPU YET, using onboard Intel HD530 graphics


I see everyone else is able to overclock this CPU but for some reason I cannot. What can I try? What am I not doing correctly? Any help is appreciated.

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It's because you're trying to use the integrated graphics in combination with non-K overclocking.


Non-K overclocking is achieved by disabling power management features inside the CPU. Among other things, it governs the integrated graphics. When you enable non-K overclocking (typically if BCLK >102.9 MHz), the power management is disabled and along with it all the things it governs. This includes the integrated graphics, C-states and AVX-256.


Long story short: you cannot use integrated graphics with non-K overclocking. You need a discrete graphics card.

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Hey I'm new to forums and overclocking. my comp is a bit older but still good for what i use it for are there any profiles i could use or any pointers i just want to get the most out of my processor, GPU, and RAM. i have all the programs and my stuff can handle it.



CPU-Intel Core i5-4670 @3.4GHz

GPU-EVGA Nividi Geforce GTX 570 1024Mb

MEM-16GB 1600MHz beast RAM

Motherboard-MSI Z87-G45

SSD-Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

HD-Western Digital 1TB

SSD-SanDisk 128GB

Windows 7 Ultimate

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Hey @Massman. Thanks for the reply!


Darn sucks to hear that i got all this overclocking software thought id be able to mine is water cooled. is there any way to overclock my GPU or RAM? is there anything i can do to get better performance out of my comp? besides changing out parts which i probably should do soon. What would be a great over all upgrade for my CPU?

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The ram you will have to overclock in BIOS, this is usually try and error, hardw way :D - for vga oc, there are several tools which might help you at getting best out of the 570, msi afterburner or nvidia inspector for example can overclock it via software. We have a download area where a lot of tools are listed


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Awesome I had a overclock profile in my bios for my ram that kicks it to 1866. My motherboard supports a oc genie. So been using that. I use precision oc for overclocking my GPU now but I'll check out the others. I can't seem to increase my base clock by anything with out my comp restarting so gonna have to leave that alone I guess. Maybe I'll upgrade to a new I5 k series. I really need to upgrade my GPU but I can't seem to find a decent bang for buck better than my current one.

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On 10/23/2022 at 4:50 PM, StormUK said:

Hi all,

I'm new to overclocking. Can anyone point me in the right direction for threads/videos etc. to help me get started please?

I am about to upgrade my current CPU & mobo so thought why not keep them and play around with OC'ing.

Thanks in advance.

U can check subthreads to the GPU and motherboards. They are separated by  vendor and chipset.


Also many good things for OC you can find on Massman Youtube channel (most of them since LGA1151 and AM4 to latest):



Or for modern or also older setups like LGA775 here:




And for oldbench system:





GPU overlcocking, modding





There are more channels, but I think, for the start is it enough :)


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