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Binned Skylakes, round 2!

Xtreme Addict

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All cpus are BOXED versions and come with original Intel BOX and are delidded, in 100% working condition. CPUs were binned on Asus Maximus VIII Extreme with 0015 BIOS with LoadLine calibration level 7 and using Galaxy Fish Card in 4th slot (PCIE from PCH) for 2D tests. I can give advices for Maximus VIII Extreme how to clock cpus, set proper voltages to reach the desired clocks. I attach screenshot for each CPU with FPO/SN and fully visible voltages in TurboV software and CBB information so there is not mistake done by potential buyer. Please note that boot settings in BIOS are different, full out voltages I set in OS. It's not easy to find a good CPU, according to mine calculation below 10% are even worthy to try on LN2 and than CPU might totally not scale or be fully coldbugged. Each screenshot is taken after minimum 2, mostly 3 runs in the row of benchmark. It's not a lucky run screenshot.








CPUs will be cleaned before shipping from all the marker labels on IHS.




Real gem :)

1. i5 6600K @ 6600 MHz HWBOT PRIME on LN2 (fast test)/ 6560 HWBOT PRIME @ 1.9v - PENDING






2. i7 6700K @ 6500/6500 MHz HWBOT PRIME on LN2 @ 1.90v - SOLD



Very strong cache, CPU can run 6500 MHz in the loop (6500 HWBOT PRIME works @ 1.9v but with higher cache frequency I pushed a little more voltage 1,91v).





3. i7 6700K @ 6435 MHz HWBOT PRIME on LN2 @ 1.9v - SOLD


Cache flies around 6200 MHz, CBB is -142*C



4. i7 6700K @ 6400 MHz HWBOT PRIME on LN2, but still can do 6.3 Cinebench R15 - SOLD


CPU loves low PLL Termination, very easy to bench and use, very stable, amazing CBB -175*C





5. i5 6600K @ 6400 MHz Cinebench R15 on LN2 @ around 1.8v - SOLD (






Paypal is preferred but buyer covers fees or sends as gift. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost, in EU it's 30 Euro by for a priority package (2-3 days) by Polish Post with a tracking number and insurance, 20 Euro without insurance or 5 Euro for registered priority letter with tracking, for other outside EU - please ask for the details. Please contact me via PM or in the thread.


Disclaimer: No returns accepted, I am selling privately and not business related. I also cannot provide warranty for the exact clocks cause XOC overclocking depends from too many different factors, but gladly I will help with settings if someone has some issues in reaching the clocks. If CPU dies during OCing, I can assist in getting brand new (unbinned) RMA replacement, but buyer covers shipping fees in both direction (to Poland and back). Also because CPUs were overclocked on LN2 and delidded I can't 100% guarantee that RMA will be successful.

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