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Maximus 7 Impact PSC

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Hey guys, I have a Maximus VII Impact and I am trying to get 2600 MHz tight Dual Channel working, each stick can do it sub 1.88V The only thing I can think of would be RTLs, you are meant to use 40-41 For Dual channel right? I was using these timings and with 1.9V I instantly get a "NOT EXACT IN ROUND" Error in SPi.


I just saw that pic and I don't even know what those RTL's Are.

I can get 2400 Super tight working well, exact volts of the weaker stick ( 1.7V )

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40-41 or 39-40 should do the job on impact,try from 1.8 to 1.95 ,some psc had trouble with higher volts,some need very high volts,also try 8-13-8 too or even better start from 8-13-9 to eliminate issues derivated from trcd and trp walls.

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