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Sandy Bridge 2500K/2600K Batch and Serial Numbers


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Another L039B470 from local store- up to 5.3 was quite easy, stopped at 5.4 so far.

1024M stable


# was 1915.

CPU is dead now. Funny thing is, that it was able to run two days in high oc mode, but yesterday I put air cooling on it, set ratio 40X, all voltages was default, run OCCT and left running.

At morning I see BSOD on screen, restarted, run OCCT again- BSOD almost instantly. Load defaults in bios, restart, but can't load windows, tried with other HDD- same story- sometimes it boot in win, but not stable at all.

So seems, that SB is fragile as its other 32nm brothers..:(

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Reporting cpus Tanuki :


2600K L038B659 #2737 = 5507Mhz at 1.56v (superpi 1mo)

2600K L041B299 #0201 = 5300Mhz at 1.35v (superpi 1mo) & 5328Mhz at 1.45v (superpi 1mo) -> Frequency limited ?



Donbe :


2600K L041B202 #1732 = 5211Mhz at 1.472v (superpi 1mo)



Ryu Ryu :


2600K L041B202 #____ = 5600Mhz at 1.536v (Superpi 8mo)





2600K L041B202 #1893 =

2600K L041B204 #0327 =


-> 5578Mhz at 1.56v (Superpi 8mo) maybe the L041B202 ?

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