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Sandy Bridge 2500K/2600K Batch and Serial Numbers


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On many boards, multiplier doesn't actually set until Windows is loading. If 59x hangs when this happens, it can't actually do 59x.


Maybe he has EIST and speedstep still enabled... With Sandy if you get the blinking cursor that is the max it will do (this again if Bios settings are right) Binning takes under a minute :P

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No blinking cursor and no No Speedstep or EIST. Behavior is the same as on max clock (@ Water) if i boot 51x and set bclk to get to around 5.45 its the same like 56x with low bclk @ 5450mhz also @ 59x and 100mhz bclk it acts the same way windows balls flying , if i press f8 @ windows boot i can choose all boot options no issue there 55/56/57/58 and 59x no difference in its behavior. That blinking cursor thing is nothing new to me. ;)


The point is if i stay @ 5430mhz i can boot any multi even 56x is no problem. Booting above that doesn`t work what ever multi is used. 50 - 56 and above .

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Lol edit is possible 3 years later, kinda cool.


L115B998 (Malay) - Complete dud. Won't boot more than 4.9 Ghz using Massman's binning method.

3103B309 (Costa Rica) - Seems average-ish, boots 5.3 Ghz. SS results to come.

L147B707 (Malay) - Best so far, 56x multi works.

L108B028 (Malay) - Average, 53x

3150B375 (Costa Rica) - Above average, 54x

L130B811 (Malay) - Craptastic, barely idles 50x lol.

L143B454 (Malay) - Above average, 54x

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