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Sandy Bridge 2500K/2600K Batch and Serial Numbers


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My CI7 2600K


Batch: L039B470 #0388


Tested on H2O (for now)

MB: Gigabyte P67A-UD7 (tested with BIOS-es "F6x" & "F7a")

Memory: 2x2GB Mushkin Blackline (996959) PC12800 CL6 & 2x2GB G.Skill PI Series (F3-18400CL8D-4GBPIS) PC18400 CL8


5433 MHz - SuperPI 1M - http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/2107956_alibabar_superpi_core_i7_2600k_6sec_797ms

5401 MHz - SuperPI 32M - http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/2109014_alibabar_superpi_32m_core_i7_2600k_6min_20sec_250ms

5404 MHz - PIfast (not maxed out yet) - http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/2107519_alibabar_pifast_core_i7_2600k_13.64_sec


p.s. Very unstable with x54 multi. With the x55 multi the board is booting and freezing after the post (with any voltage).

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No, definitly not. So far, there isn't really that much to conclude based on the numbers. I would currently advise to search for CPUs as close to the golden ones. For instance, if a golden CPU is L043A776 #3986, you want to search for the same batch (L043A776) and a # close to 3986.

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