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(FS)Good 6700K,6320/ B-die 4Kplus waza-capable


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up for sale are two 1151 cpus and 2 4000+ 12-11-11-28 waza capable B-die kits, all items are retail and therefore should have intact warranty



1. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed wof


My last 6700k, retail, non delidded or lapped, batch L603F337. The cpu needed 1,15v for final test of 45 minutes prime 1344K at 4,5ghz core and 4,2ghz cache on my MOCF on air cooling. Iirc I tested the cpu initially on my old Hero for 5Ghz Hwbotprime at 1,37v, for 4,8ghz CB15 I needed ~1,28v on MOCF. Best out of around 15 pieces I had in myopinion. In box, full warranty with Intel.


4500115v45mlnya8.jpg jd801450xus6f.jpg


2. Intel Corei3 6320 boxed


Retail, Batch L533, non delidded or lapped, the cpu does quite good imho, 1,23v CB15 for 4,5ghz, 4,5ghz 32m at memory 4Kc12 worked easily. Like the 6700K never benched, apart from a 742 experiment which worked without much force. In box with fan, full warranty


jd801451ngjsn.jpg 6320cinebench154.5zmuns.jpg 6320spi32m2000ram4.52esr5.jpg


3+4. 2x8GB G.Skill RipjawsV 3600C17-18-18-38 1,35v


Very good kits, best retails I binned last months, waza-capable (completely reliable at tests) of 4000 12-11-11-28 at 1,83v (BIOS) on MOCF and 1,89v on Impact, max 0.01v difference but this depends on temps and margin of error, kits are like twins. I also tested both for 4133 c12 xtu and geekbench, CB and some leagy 3ds and this worked but needs strong imc and much sa and io, the mems did it at 1,96-1,98v depending on benchmark. Retail, in original blister with sticker


jd801449mxl6q.jpg 4ghznothememzr6jr2.jpg 178sticks189v2000c123y0uie.jpg


Prices (Euro, shipping excluded)

1. 420 Euros

2. 150 Euros

3. sold

4. sold


Payment is possible with paypal (gift or buyer covers fees) or western union. The items are located in germany, shipping will be 12-18 Euros approximately in eu


Disclaimer: I am no shop-owner, so I rule out warranty and returns. The items offered work flawless and are not changed physically, so manufacturer warranty is valid -unless you change this, and then it is non of my business anymore ;)

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Thanks, at the moment I only do rare benchmark and softwaretests on 1151 for which I have a 6600K, which does the job. If it weren´t for this I might have sold the board and my remaining semi tested ddr4 as well. Not much time, and ddr4 system is constant temptation for me :D

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