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About time for one of these again. Lucky I still have my board around.



Temperature rules, is the 30deg rule for Load or Idle temp? Can you please clarify. If it's a Idle, my current ambient is quite low (around 10°c), so need to be certain.


Ram - I have a set of Zadak 3200C16 ram. Will this be allowed for use? Far from anything special.


I look forward to some of these new rules. It will certainly keep the momentum going. Well done to the organizers.

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A heads up before benching, there seem to be a few things missing at the rules, so I make a preliminary announcement here:

1. For XTU, minimum temperature is 60 degrees Celsius or higher - this refers to the maximum load temp at result because you do not need a screenshot

2. Server hardware not allowed - means no xeons or opterons for obvious reasons

3. Stage 2, GPUPI, will most likely get a core limit which refers to "cores enabled" because there is no core division possible. it will most likely be "maximum 6 Threads enabled"

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Check your BIOS, cpu section, you have the option to disable hyperthreading and also to disable cores. If you use 6700K, let HT on and disable one core so that you have three active cores + Hyperthtreading= 6 threads.

You can also check manual of your board or threads about your board for further information :)

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