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KaRtA - Core i7 6700K @ 5010MHz - 1787 marks XTU

Guest BarboneNet

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Thank-you for your support guys. Just hope the trash is cleared out of the MSI competition. It is easy to see who is running true water or ambient cooling vs those who are hiding the full picture (look at rig pics, where is the full loop? they are hiding things, 1.65v+ and 60 deg max temps, get your hand off it before it is stuck there!!!).


My chips all Delid with CLU under, and Kryo on top. There is no possible way to have the temps like others have at their voltages and temperatures without further cooling assistance. Screen shots show it all. I am lucky it is quite cool here still, and 12-15 degree air when benching.


Back to benching for fun and the hobby, until competition can prevent people finding ways around the rules and make a fair playground for all.


Stay True, Bench Strong.

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