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MSI Z170-A Pro (MS-7971)


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Hello all,


I followed the Guide here:


Updated MSI Z170 Non-K Overclocking Guide (new BIOS!) - Overclocking.Guide


with that BIOS

Z170-A Pro zip.png MSI Z170-A Pro Non-K OC BIOS

6.41 MB | 2256 downloads


it also said in the comments "Try this Bios instead" but he won't regocnize it in MFLASH


However it only restarts with a black screen (so I guess he can't handle something)

and then starts with normal settings with a fixed BCKL of 100 but always 3700MHZ (so turbo function and everything is off). I tried it with lower BLCK than 122 for my 13 6100 but it won't change things. Can you help me?


Field Value

Motherboard Properties

Motherboard ID 63-0100-000001-00101111-051315-Chipset$0AAAA000_BIOS DATE: 02/24/16 16:17:11 VER: V1.91

Motherboard Name MSI Z170-A Pro (MS-7971)


Front Side Bus Properties

Bus Type BCLK

Real Clock 100 MHz

Effective Clock 100 MHz


Memory Bus Properties

Bus Type Dual DDR4 SDRAM

Bus Width 128-bit

DRAM:FSB Ratio 34:3

Real Clock 1133 MHz (DDR)

Effective Clock 2267 MHz

Bandwidth 36267 MB/s






best regards



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