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Oc i5 3570 (non - k)


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Hello, i have a problem... i got an gigabyte Z77X-UD3H and i can set the max of the multiplier to x40 so very stable 4,0 ghz i5 3570k.


I used Intel eXtreme tuning utility to set them to x44 for 4,5ghz but it changes nothing.. is there any way for me to set it up to 44? With an unlocked bios? or something else?


I would be very happy if it is so... Please help me or tell me at least that there is no other way.. ah i forgot, i pushed the fsb to 105 but it was very unstable and brought me many issues.


greetz Mike =)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

Changing it in XTU won't help, I don't think. You're limited to your maximum BCLK and max turbo multiplier due to it being a locked chip. There's no unlocked BIOS for these platforms.

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