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i7 9530K Core Problem


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Hi I have 2 X99 systems with both a i7 5930K (six cores) & 16GB DDR4 XMP, one on a MSI X99A Godlike Gaming & one on a ASUS X99 Deluxe. Both systems used to start up from SSD's in 12 sec but since a week ago the MSI had troubles with starting up & now it takes 126 sec !!! Hyperthreading is on in the bios.

There's nothing changed on both systems but when I go to check in CPU - Z, the ASUS shows 6 cores & 12 threads "what's normal" while the MSI shows only 3 cores & 6 threads.

In AIDA64 the ASUS give a total of 12 cores while the MSI shows only 6 cores. HELP !!!! Last month the both systems gave the same results & NOW the MSI shows only 3 Cores ??? Both systems run on win 10 x64.....What can be the reason I suddenly lost the half of the cores on the MSI board ??? And why it takes now 126sec to start up instead 12sec before ???


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Try a clear cmos on the msi system. Maybe board or cpu are defective, but first try to recover standard fail safe settings by clear cmos, if this doesn´t help check socket and cpu for physical damage and maybe test your cpu at a second board to see if it causes the problem, you can also check the cpu from asus system at the msi board to see if board causes the problem.

P.S. You can also check SSDs and interchange these (use ssd from asus on the msi system for check), if in the BIOS of the MSI system are still 6/12 shown, you might have a damaged OS

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I have the same MSI board and CPU whats your core speed out of curiosity.


The reason i ask is i have been experiencing some issues recently, for example my core speed is stuck at 1119.7mhz and my multiplier won't go over x12, but my cores 6 threads 12 this is in CPU-Z.

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