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[Beta][Project] Open Benchtable - Blood Prototype (tryout)


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Hi guys,


As I have a sample of the prototype and soon will get the final one I wanted to try something out with the Open Benchtable BC1 : Colors.


As you know, the Aluminium looks is extremely sexy and I love it. Some of you qsked about the colors, while there is no plan (at the time of writing) to get other anodizing colors I wanted to test a way to basically... choose any color we want and even change it if we feel like it.


Disclaimer :

This is just for fun project, I actually have no idea how the paint will peel off or anything, please don`t do this on your retail version :)


You will need :

- Some time

- An outdoor space

- Plasti Dip in the color of your choice

- An awesome Open Benchtable BC1 ( available here : Home - Open Benchtable )


How to do it ?

Basically spray one thin layer of plasti dip on the benchtable.


Let dry ( for me 30 min in outdoor in the sun was enough to apply the next layer.


Apply next layer


Let dry





Tips :

[*] As the Aluminum is anodized, the plasti dip will most likely NOT stick to it the first time. Don't spray more as this will create an uneven surface later on with other layers.

[*] Unmounting the Feet will give you a better result for the paint but the screw will be visibiles.

[*] Do not over spray or over apply ( especially on the holes ).

[*] As the surface is quite shiny the plasti dip will flow downward - I got better result when I applied this on the top flat surface ( Up side down won't work well )


Some pics of the results in attachement



I haven't tested to peel off the plasti dip yet except on the rubber feet part taht was peeling like my arm after sunburn.


Now you can basically have any color you want... :D

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Have you done this before? Any tips for anyone who'd like to do this?


I haven't, but if it's anything like acid etching there is one MAJOR rule to follow.... Don't do it in the kitchen, do it outside. Not just because the outdoors usually has significantly better ventilation, but also because of the simple fact your spouse, roommates, and/or landlord will probably want to kill you afterwards if you do it in the kitchen :P

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