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Unboxing/quick overview and first thoughts of OBT


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I was just like to say before I start that I have no been paid to do this review and I paid full retail price and shipping on the table so there is no bias here. I will also update this as I use it if I find any large faults with it.


For the better part of a year now I have been using an Easy 2.5 which everyone knows is huge. They elected to set the PSU on the side so it is extremely tall and very heavy in general. I figured I would give an OBT a try even though I had never heard of Streacom but I figured if HWBOT was willing to put their name on it then the company must be decent.



After a month of waiting I got a box DHL express which I really wasn't expecting and I had basically forgotten about even ordering one. It came in a normal brown box that was actually pretty beat up so I was a little worried. Opening it up you are greeted with this:



It is properly wrapped in a very tough bubble wrap that kept the box the table was in from getting damaged so +1 for you guys because I can't stand getting something where the box is beat up because they were cheap on the packing material.


Inside that you have 2 items, a soft sided carrying case and the box the table is in. The case was even in another bag that kept it clean.








The OBT box itself had 3 seals on it so you knew it hadn't been opened by customs or anyone else for that matter. Upon opening you are greeted with the very clean and slick looking aluminum table that is surrounded by a soft foam that has been formed to fit the OBT. Once you take the table out there is a set of instructions which are printed in full color. Mine was glued to the box though so it kinda tore when pulling it out.




Directions if you want to look at them:





Now onto the actual bench. Instructions were included but real men just start unscrewing things until something comes loose which is exactly what I did. All of the screws feel of top quality and the threads are extremely nice on them. 4 screws lets both set of feet swing loose. They are then attached at each end with the same 4 screws. All 4 holes are slightly countersunk I assume to make sure no pins on the back of your board touch them. Both legs have rubber feet on the bottom so it will not slide.


With the legs on you have this:




Now a lot of times things like this are extremely wobbly and I wouldn't trust it but this thing is rock solid. I could probably stand on it and it wouldn't buckle. The feet contain all the standoffs for the motherboard. Included are 8 standard screw type standoffs and 8 banana plug snap type which I personally thinks is an awesome idea. I one issue is a standard mobo has 9 standoffs so if you want one in every hole you will have to use 1 of the opposite kind.



As you can see the plugs stick up just barely above the mobo so there isn't a worry about them being in the way. To remove your mobo you simply pull up and it comes off with no trouble so switching mobos is quick and simple.


That is as far as I went with assembly but this is definitely going to become my main bench table.



Quick pros and cons list:



+ Lightweight

+ Small and easily carried with you during lans

+ High quality parts

+ Quick assembly

+ Quick to switch mobo

+ Tool-less design

+ Carrying case included

+ Great customer service(had a question and emailed them and got a reply back the same day)



- Only supports up to an ATX Mobo

- Mix and match standoffs for ATX Mobo if you want to use all 9

- Not the easiest thing to disassemble

- Not movable with PSU attached(It might be fine there is just no support besides 4 screws).

- All branding it on the back/bottom. I was really hoping to see a logo on the top of it.

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Thanks for your unboxing. Looks good.


I have to disagree with a few of your cons though :P


- Only supports up to an ATX Mobo

Not true, I have a E-ATX on mine right now.



- Not movable with PSU attached(It might be fine there is just no support besides 4 screws).

You are right, but turns out, its not a problem. I wouldn't shake it about, but its no problem to move it carefully.


- All branding it on the back/bottom. I was really hoping to see a logo on the top of it.

This is in the wrong place, you accidentally wrote this in your con list :P

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I'm sure you are right about official support. I was simply pointing out that you can use E-ATX without any problems, if you want to.


I would not object to a clean logo myself, after all I consider it a product one can be proud of. I only object to it being on a con-list, as I don't think it's lacking :) But, yes. To each their own, regarding branding.

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  • Crew



Thanks for your unboxing and feedback. All Feedback on the table is very welcome :)

Regarding some of your points:


- format wise, you should have all the holes on your table for ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, Mini ITX

(larger boards will probably fit if based on ATX, but they will probably be a little off the table in width).Which is why on the product specifications we wrote it was compatible - just not the nicest)

-Moving the table with the PSU attached is do-able, but indeed not recommended. Some PSUs can be very heavy and it would over multiple moves add some load on the legs / leg mounting.


Regarding the logo, I'm glad you are bringing it up. We've debated the idea of logo / no logo on the table internally. We ended up choosing the most "discrete" approach as we wanted the table to be in sync with our design idea of "simplicity". The design of the table is it's own logo in other words :)

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