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3d mark 11 scores


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The screenshot shown on the example is not clear and I think there should also be one showing what it show look like on the web version as well. Atm half the score or maybe even more don't even have valid screenshot.


Example? I can't see anything buddy :D

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Example? I can't see anything buddy :D


I will do a full post of it as soon as I get home.


Jumper118`s 3DMark11 - Performance score: 19684 marks with a GeForce GTX 780 this is like the sub that was removed from the team cup same format but different background for team cup


but there are loads of subs that look like this as around that are the same.



Devil_Dog`s 3DMark11 - Performance score: 20028 marks with a GeForce GTX 780


this is what the one on the rules page, but if you have the interwebs connected it comes up like mine.


JonathanArcherPL`s 3DMark11 - Performance score: 20609 marks with a GeForce GTX 780


then after only 5 mins of looking there are loads of sub without a screenshot and are using a rig pic as the screenshot and just putting a 3dmark link...............


I am annoyed because my subs got delete when loads of other subs that are the same or way worse havent been checked at all. The other reason is that i have subbed like this many times before and have never got reported for it which is why i have kept doing it in the same way. Also it was only removed after the competition when i cant fix the score whereas if it had been brought up straight away i would have had a chance to fix it.



Basically are there different rules for competition or is the modding just not consistent? because really if you are going to remove my sub from the team cup for having invalid screenshots, you should be remove 90% of my 3d11 subs............

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