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[Feedback] Nitpicking, sorry.


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I find this product to be very well made, and have no issues worthy of any complaints. I don't think it's necessary to do anything with any of these issues. I bring them up anyway, for the sake of feedback. Perhaps it might be usefull ;)


All the thumb screws are easy to tighten with screwdriver if you want to, except the ones with a threaded hole trough its center; the one that you screw down on top of the bars. Where you insert the screwdriver, is not deep enough to get a grip with a Philips (or Pozi), and the crack is too narrow to get a flat head of reasonable size in. This can be fixed easily ofc.





Where you mount SSDs, some of my drives twisted outwards because of the slot where one store the bars. (This one continued to twist till it touched the other one, when I tightened) I used some washers to correct the issue.





I also noticed a few places, where small changes could have made cable management a lot easier. I'll try to take some pictures when I change MB.



Here is a pic from my first test setup, using an old E-ATX (Sins it was mentioned in another tread).



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