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KPC NB-2 / Rampage Extreme mounting ?

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Hi Folks!


Have one of the kpc northbridge pots and want to set it up on an asus rampage extreme (x48). Since I'll need to remove all the heatpiped cooling hardware from the top of the board to mount the pot, am wondering what (if anything) needs to be done for all the exposed parts ?


For example...not sure running the southbridge without something on it is a good idea?


Whatcha think? Also wondering about what temps to shoot for...iirc...someone told me -30 to -40C for the NB?


Tia for your guidance/experience!

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  • Crew

I had thermalright coolers on the VRM and a small SB heatsink on the ICH... now for the cold, my board didn't like to go below -20/25°C if I recall correctly... I guess it just depends from board to board...


I also did not see any super scaling thanks to the added cold on my board...


How high can the NB go on air with moderate voltages ? I had mostly 625-635ish boards here, while the one from PT1T did 700FSB on air like wtf...


Fun board nevertheless!! Enjoy!!

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Hey Alby!


Thanks man! So...cool all that stuff in red? Also...ran my nice q6600 under ln2 but couldn't get above 527fsb vs the 538 I got last time running it under cascade. Only difference was that last time I used had the nb waterblock connected to a loop. Would that explain the 'missing' 11MHz fsb? If so...thinking the nb around -25C should give an additional 5-10 fsb?

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