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First LN2 overclock session in history


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I found this (another) japanese extreme overclock website, named "Futto-Kun" and is dated between 1998 and 2004.

So almost 20 years ago this "awesome crazy" japanese overclocker started to extremely overclock it's DDR memory kit to the limit, pushing it to 2-2-2-2-F settings, and apparently volt modded the cpu core voltage to boot at 1.85v and raise it in bios to 2.0v.

He also anchieved great super pi results with Amd Athlon Mp (socket A).


Interesting to say that we have an extreme overclock member named Futto-Kun: https://hwbot.org/user/futto_kun/



Links for much more histories:



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In this article, dated from the year 2000, a guy modified memory and cpu (pentium 4) voltages.

He made a step by step of his extreme overclock session.

He beggined with peltier cooling, and them changed to liquefied carbon dioxide (dry ice).

Funny to say that he started his step 2 saying that it was a "Classic work of overclockers..." for the year 2000 extreme overclock with peltier was already considered a classic :)


Link: Takachã®é“楽倶楽部PC館 実験室ãã®ï¼‘ P4Tã®æ”¹é€ ã 

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It's been some time since my last post.

I found this personal website from a japanese guy identified only as "amt".

Taking a look at his posts we can see that he had been overclocking with LN2 since late 90's to at least end of 2000.

He wrote that he decided to create the website because he was receiving too much emails from "overseas" asking informations about his liquid nitrogen overclocking experiences.

He did several detailed topics about remodeling FSB/VCORE/Vio, hardware components, such as 32MB DIMM LTC-10P (Hyundai memory modules), Matrox Millennium pci video board, and even tips about getting an engineering sample for better overclock results!

There is also a topic about his studies on hard mod/volt mod with a book named "The super technique of PC remodeling", by K.Suzuike (don't know who is the author).

Here is his superpi personal record from december 1999 using a pentium 3:

my record


For MANY more information, visit his website, that is still online:


amt's overclocking room

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  • 1 month later...

I digged this one from a Slovak website, dated from march 2002.

Extreme ln2 overclock with a "brand new released" Northwood P4 ;)

Tunned hardware:

Motherboard ABIT TH7, RIMM PC800 2x128MB 2.75V, cooling LN2 -184 C, CPU voltage 2.05V, Graphics card FVD4500PCI, SCSI Dc390u3d.


link: Pretaktovaný Intel Pentium 4 2,4 Ghz (Northwood) | pc.sk

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Ok, now this one is gold OC Archeology :)

After some research, i found this japanese overclock website still online:


FF page PC index

FF page Celeronを液体窒素ã§å†·ã‚„ã™


It has all the overclock experiments made by a unknown overclocker, since 08/06/1996.

This one in particular was made with LN2 on 09/23/1998, using 10 liters of this precious liquid to cool down a Celeron 333.




The overclocker did a complete description about the overclocking session, including many photos and results of the experiment, which was very rare for the year 1998 and mostly without any reference to be followed.






We can even say that this is certainly one of the forefront extreme overclock enthusiast with LN2 documented.




To get an idea, the overclocker built a cpu pot with welded copper sheets!





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The external pll clocking , is also a Japanese trademark !!!

(you can see it on the 1st photo).


Thanks once again , for all these memories , Casanova



Thanks mate, i really appreciate that :celebration:

This thread turned out to be a great extreme overclock compendium, something that I think is very important for the overclock history.

I'm almost sure that the first extreme LN2 overclock sessions were made in the early 90's.

The oldest record I found was a video dating back to 1984 but it is a pioneering experiment done in a scientific environment, and i think it´s very unlikely that during the 80's someone performed this procedure at home as an enthusiast, but in the early 90's it is quite likely, and i'm almost sure it happened in Japan.

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Well, it's been a while since last time i updated this thread with good old articles and sources about prehistoric ln2 overclock.

Also, with the migration to this new forum, this thread lost almost all the pictures i attached (the links are still ok)...

I wish i had more time to spare doing this researchs, so if anyone else is interested in continuing, here are the tips to find things on the web:

1 - web.archive.org - try all the search filters this website provides;

2 - google in japanese, using the date tool, to try find something from the 90s;


Good luck! :)

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Long time since last post, but i found some material that i collected back when i was digging for ln2 overclock history.

I think it is interesting to post some more info here, despite not being ln2 overclock it has dry ice, ancient pots and other extreme methods from the 90's era. 

Take your time and enjoy :)

https://www.fnf.jp/pc.htm (from 1996, extreme overclock using carbon dioxide and custom cpu block)

http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Bay/1214/omasu/omasu.html (extreme overclock session using custom pots and dry ice)

https://www.fnf.jp/celeron3.htm (this one is ln2 overclock)

https://www.fnf.jp/pcs.htm (from 1997, ancient custom water cooling system, chilled with peltier)

https://www.fnf.jp/ln2_1.htm (from 1998, led experiment using ln2)























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