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I started an overclocking wiki


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Hey guys,


So I got annoyed that it's actually quite difficult to find all relevant information on overclocking in a centralized place. There are some really great overclocking guides and videos out there and experienced users are sharing really solid information, but I don't always know where to look for it. So I figured I'd start collecting the information.


@sdougal suggested we'd take it to another level and turn it into an overclocking Wiki. He wrote a lot of the introductory content for the Wiki ("what is overclocking") and we started from there. I just finished the typical lay-out for Skylake and wanted to share the project with you. By no means is this a finished project as it will take years to complete. I'm doing this in my spare time for now, so take it for what it is :).


Here are is the link: Overclocking Wiki


Currently, we have the following pages drafted:



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Will help on this,we need to complete the memory ic list with :


-Hynix M 8GB H5AN8G8NMFR




-Hynix A 8GB H5AN8G8NAFR


Nothing special about these tough,basically they are pretty similar to 4GB AFR but can't handle the voltage quite well,you will be limited to 3466 TCL12 with best samples maybe 3600TCL12 on air,not worth the hassle for extreme overclocking.


-Micron IC. ???(never tested any so far)

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AOCC 2007 was Singapore, Hong Kong, and 2008 LA. The LA event was an AOCC but I think renamed to IIIxIII when it was only USA competitors.







These were the first OC events, a lot of people brought advanced H20 cooling, LN2 or DICE assisted for the event.


I brought refrigeration to AOCC and left a lake on the floor as humidity was high in HK. I only took the power down once at this event.


At the IIIxIII event 3oh6 went off like a boss on Francois, a real WTF moment in OC.

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