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Lightning - Dual Output Powercard


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i got some free time and test this home made powercard in heavy load with HD7970 cascade cooled (builded by me last year) , nice to see that some users "copy" this (with my help ofcourse) and posted in FB some build based on 580L :D


for gpu VCC+ i use 6 (one is under the power card) copper strips 6mm each , each are solder were was the stock chockes ( amd reference use only 5 but pcb design was for 6 phases , so you have 6 points to solder VCC+)


for gDDR VCC+ i use 2 in paralell copper strips 4mm each


for GND i use 9 copper strips 4 mm(3 stk) and 6mm (6 stk)


i have only 5 to 7 mv droop from powercard output to back gpu side! in load at 1.6V


max gpu clock was 1680 -1700 , need to mod the pll to see if helps !







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