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ASUS 970 Pro Gaming /Aura sudden No post

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im recently having issues in getting post,..sometimes it posts and sometimes it doesnt the DRAM LED keeps blinking .After CMOS Reset and complete power drain,it starts working again but it stops posting again after restarting.Also i can notice that if rams are set above 1333 mhz it stops posting,although earlier this memory was stable at 2200 9-10-9-25 2T .1.65V .its a Dominator GT 2000 C8.i have also tried all bios but none seems to help.

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i have done 1600 -7-8-7-20-1T with the sempron and it never worked above 1600,so its fine but now it doesnt boot above 1333 whatever timings and also with FX 8350,2200 9-10-9-25-2T was perfectly stable but now i dont get post above 1333 and if i try above it,My DRAM Led keeps blinking :(

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Update:-I removed the CMOS battery and kept it aside for a long time, and then tried booting up again and i successfully had a post,Ran everything on stock using the sempron 145 and ran Prime 95 for 1 hour and also after than ran HCL Memtest for around 1 hour.I restarted to oc and check if overclocked settings work and upon restarting i stopped having post again and DRAM Led blinked, :(

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