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[Project] 3D printed brackets


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  • Crew

Hey guys,


We are working on the logistics to be able to supply additional spare parts (screws / brackets / PCI-E stand) but, yesterday I wanted to try to 3D print brackets to see how that was possible and if it worked well :)


Video over here of the fabrication timelapse.


Total making time is actually quite shot. 7min. We ran the 3D printer slower as it had some issues with the full speed ^^ So took me about 10 min per piece.

The final pieces are fairly solid, I tried to break one between my fingers and ... impossible.


Since we will be adding the source file of the website next week, this will be going to the first projects posted on there and anyone that want to make these as spares for his table can.


Some pictures:














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Here is the SFX to ATX bracket that was requested in the most recent OCtv stream (great stream btw)




It has a chamfered edge on the outside for those aesthetics and holes to be self tapped by screws as this is meant to be 3d printed. I'm not sure how well it will hold up a power supply so if it needs to have more structural integrity, just let me know.


I can make adjustments for one to be CNC'd if people want it. With proper clearances and threads.


I can also make any other parts people want if I'm given dimensions and measurements! :D I enjoy the work and it doesn't take me too long (it's fairly basic)


Download has both .stl and .sldprt files


Edit: Also, let me know how the self tapping goes

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  • Crew

Whohooo, Awesome thanks Jaffers!


I will try to find a moment this weekend to swing by again the hackerspace to try it out.


I think if we need more thickness it will be on the outer screws (where the ATX holes are). But .. might not be necessary. I'm just worried it may not have enough grip...


But! It needs to be tested. So don't change anything for now, I will try it and let you know :)

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  • Crew

@Niuulh I made these out of LPA plastic.

@der8auer indeed! Not sure we want to order 500 of them though. We actually still have about 80 pieces of the original alu brackets in stock for those who want spare of the originals or simply want nice ones as extras. After, if its' just a few brackets in plastic needed here and there, I can help with 3D printing here and ship - will be just simpler and faster than ordering hundreds. ^^

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