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Crossfire Voltage control on the second GPU?


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Thanks buildzoid, I fixed the issue, it was ULPS. It didn't matter if I had it on or off when OCing one card, but it needs it disabled when OCing 2 cards.


Trixx v5.2.1 doesn't work with the HD 7950 (it crashed like crazy on my system) but v5.0.0 works fine. Thankfully Trixx is the only one that told me I needed to disable ULPS, works great! Voltage control is now unlocked up until 1300


Although the second card doesn't go very far, hits a wall at 1025MHz on the core whereas the other goes up to 1260MHz. I think I can get some more out of the worse card on its own but I haven't tried it in a long time in a single config

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