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Post your experience about dealing with hazzan


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Nope. Intel warranty online web says crap usually, I had planty of OEMs that this site was showing as BX retail piece, but when they scan the barcode, they will find out what it is truly is and if its OEM, they ship the RMA reject by DHL immediately.


Many thanks for disclosing this as I was using Intel site to check for warranty. Now I might be more frantic purchasing CPUs

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In most cases, It doesn't find any data about FPO you enter for check if its OEM, but note that this might happen and no one really tells you if it is OEM or BX until they really scan the barcode. Better be asking for invoice or original box to see if it is really boxed and retail.

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I had 2 deals with Hazzan - 3770K and 3930K.


I was really satisfied so I placed order for binned Haswell (at release).


I paid 250 USD in advance. After some time Hazzan cancelled the deal but I never got my money back :( Despite numerous reminders.



Wow this is so disturbing! Years of so much BS/lies isn't a joke!

Well, that was quick. I have my money back :D

Good to hear you just got ur money back after long long years!!


Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk

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I got quite surprised it went so smooth now :)

I was nearly sure my money is forever gone.


As for now I'm quite inactive in terms of OC. Big thanks to Xtreme Addict for showing me this thread :celebration:


Im glad you got your money back after such a long time. I wonder tho, would you ever have if I did not make this thread! Highly unlikely!

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I was browsing around for an X58A-OC and found one in Indonesia that was close to Hazzan. I reached out to him to see if he would broker the deal in person and he said he would. I sent him $245 on 9/16/15 to give to the local seller who was asking about $175 for the board and to use the rest to ship it. After a few days, the local seller stopped talking to me and Hazzan said he had backed out of the deal. At this point, he said he would refund my money. As is the trend in this thread, it took a month and a half, with the money finally coming on 10/29/15 after I had reached out to him on FB and WhatsApp multiple times without response. Unfortunately, I do not have the WhatsApp history any more since I've switched phones since then and did not back it up.


I never would have made this public if this thread hadn't been posted.


Here is the FB chat that I still have:


10/20/2015 5:47PM

Bassplayer: Hi Hazzan, Bassplayer here. Have you sent the money yet? I don't want to make this public but it's been a month since you said you would return it and you've told me four times that I would have it within three days.


Hazzan: Hi mate I waiting also too money in my paypal


Bassplayer: From a bank transfer or from someone else?


Hazzan: From bank transfer sadly I can go to my bank cuz I am in mumbai since last weeks

Hazzan: But I promise I will be fixed after comeback to my country


Bassplayer: When will you return?


Hazzan: Dont know why waiting so long

Hazzan: Tranfaer from bank to my paypal

Hazzan: I ll be in indonesia in 27 october

Hazzan: Dont worrie maye I will not take your money

Hazzan: Thats not my mine


Bassplayer: I understand. Money is about to be very tight at the end of this month.


Hazzan: Thats your money not my money I will not take it I will send back to you after I am in home really


Bassplayer: If you can do anything to make it happen before that, I would appreciate it.


Hazzan: Lete call my friend in indonesia maybe can help me for send money toyou first


Bassplayer: Thank you


Hazzan: Mate if anything you can message me on FB messenger my WA doesnt work here


Bassplayer: Okay


10/26/2015 3:57PM

Bassplayer: Hi Hazzan, do you still intend to be home tomorrow?


10/27/2015 1:01AM

Hazzan: Tomorrow I will in home and send the money


10/27/2015 5:27PM

Bassplayer: Great. Bills are tight this month so that will help a lot!


10/28/2015 6:45AM

Hazzan: Hi mate

Hazzan: You will recieved money in 24 hours

Hazzan: I have already sent

Hazzan: But just to wait in 24 hours


10/29/2015 4:26AM

Hazzan: Let me know if you receieved already mate

Hazzan: My apologize for waiting very long time mate


10/29/2015 2:56PM

Bassplayer: It came through this morning! Thank you so much 🙂

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