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Asrock Z170M Pro4S non K OC Bios request


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The bios for the Z170M Pro4S is not listed, i would like if anyone could confirm that the bios on Asrock Website would work, the bios before the microde x76 update.


BIOS 2.40 would be the most recent and possibly only bios with Sky OC (non K OC). Bios 2.60 clearly states "removes Sky OC function" and bios 2.20 may be too early?. I know that on my OCF as long as I'm using microcode 2d or 74 it works great and my boards bios has option to hange microcode so maybe yours does too

ASRock > Z170M Pro4S


UPDATE: Looks like you should go to "Beta Zone" this page has all you need for non k oc


ASRock > Z170M Pro4S

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My chip arrived yesterday, so i started test, the bioses on the beta zone lack a key feature, the voltage settings, after some research (anadtech forums) i found out that the bios 2.80 released in 24 may 2016allows for non k OC and also have the voltage settings unlocked, i just flashed couple hours ago and I'm running my Core i5 6500 at 4415mhz with 1.325v did couple prime95 runs, I'm very exited, last time i tinkered with OC was in a p4 with 512mb ram. I would like opnions regarding voltage, should i try tune down a lil bit?

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