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Insulation mattress for Extreme OC


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  • Crew

Even tho it is not necessary to have this for Extreme OC doing a Neoprene mattress that would fit perfectly between the mobo and the base of the Benchtable could be fun and useful.


What should be in it and what should not be missed ?


Some ideas :

- pre-cutted holes for the spacers

- Pre cutted Square space below the CPU socket (to allow for different heights of CPU mounting system / backplate to be used.)

@Roman : what is the dimension of the backplate on the Fusion / The new one ?

-Space to have Shop towel between the motherboard and the insulation


- Foam split in 2 part to adjust depending on the height of the backplate.


Size suggestion :

- 255 * 315mm : this give overall a 5mm extra on each sides and should not limit any systeme to be plugged.

- 25mm height : that is the size of the Spacer


Materials :

- Armaflex

- Shop Towel


System to produce : Waterjet cutting


Update : Looking for motherboard blueprints


Update 2 :

I am doing an analysis of the socket position on about 88+ motherboards.


Update 3 :

Easy way to contribute and submit measurement


Already got theses in :

z87 Mpower MAX AC

Crosshair VI Hero (PCB)

Crosshair VI Hero (PCB-second hole)


Z170-WS (PCB)

X58-SLI Classified

GA-Z97X-SOC Force

P45 Diamond (PCB)


GA-Z270X-Gaming SOC

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  • Crew
was there any movement on the idea to waterjet cut a correct-height insulation sheet?


YES ! :)


We were discussing with different people that could do it, hope to get this soon ready for people to get there's.

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  • Crew

Question :


What motherboard standard that would need to support ( to get a better idea of the cutout for the LN2 pot mount)


I did : X99 ASUS (maxiumus)

Z170 MSI



Any other MB with a non-conventional socket placement ?


What about TR/Threadripper / Ryzen mobos ?

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I think it depends on the final design :) there might be a better way than a raw cut, but will definitely think about it.


Yeah i understand, but when we are paying ''alot'' for insulation, instead of some random sheet of armaflex. id like it to be as close to, set and forget. If we would need to cut it ourself it nulifies the whole purpose of a waterjet cut insulation sheet no? :D

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Yeh but I think you need to understand the design challenge. One cutout for an insulation mattress is not going to fit all boards. The CPU position can change relative to ATX board holes.


I see where you are coming from, but that would also count for the CPU backplate cutout itself, so that should accommodate all, achieved by making the whole as wide as it needs to be, so all would fit, same for the cutout of the cable, make it wide so it fits whether your backplate is far up down or sideways. If you know what I mean.


(Is there a proper OC board that has its socket placement centimeters from where others hve it? Afaik there isn't, but I like to be educated when I'm wrong. The usecase doesn't matter for lots of boards, you'd only need to accomplish compatibility with widely used XOC boards, Apex' (M)OCF, REXes SOCs etc, most of us don't care if it fits on some bonkers RGB z270 120 euro board made for gamers I would assume)


In the case of making a cutout for the wire of a socket heater, one would need to use a socket heater, the gap would be too large without it and it would be the same as running without insulation at all. So that's something to think about aswel.


Remember, this ain't criticizing, thinking out loud, and trying to help. Because the idea itself is awesome. I'd love to dump my crooked homecut sheet of insulation. Here in the Netherlands we hve this saying, a proper start is half the work :D

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  • Crew

As Matt hinted, lot of boards have different positions for the socket.


Of course the key is to support actual highly use motherboard but the upcoming as well.


There is the survey in the first post to help map this, so if you have the boards, can you take a minute to share the measurement?


We have a solution for the easy and clean cutout that would not be too big. Just need to time it with the correct dimensions.

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