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6700k/delid tool/980ti/4790k/gtx 580...and more


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Need to settle some old scores :).


-I have a 4790k which can boot in windows 10 at 5 ghz 1.255v,if you have something better on normal ambient/aio let me know.


-I need a very good gtx 580,more than 1050 gpu.

-Gtx 980 ti good air/water overclocker.


6700k prime 95 stable at 5 ghz below 1.3v -if cannot find i will wait for 7700k,seems there are a lot capable of this.


-delid tool and oc frame if possible.


- 2 x Vario d5 plus reservoir.


-exceptional Ddr3 samsung kit (2933 9-12-12 tight capable)


Payment via bank transfer ,WU or paypal.

Items will be shipped in Cyprus,European Union.

VERY Important - send last price on offer,no need for ping pong with pm's.



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Clicking on your profile says you are not registered and no way to send pm, not sure why. Anyways I spent a good 9 months binging HYKO and PSC up until a couple of months after ddr4 E Die appeared. I mainly stuck to G.Skill kits exclusivley as they seems to be the best for both. This is the best retail kit I found out of 2400c9, 2600c10 and 2666c10 TridentX kits. About 20 kits of 2 x 4gb and 2 quads. I do have one more retail kit thats almost as good. I have not really pushed these 2 kits to limits as I have other kits to do this with tending to max volts around 2.15-2.18v but only for short periods to preserve them but other kits I've tested held up well for long 2.35v sessions and short 2.4v max bios. Seem you need a hard mod to kill Sammy HYKO.


TridentX 2400c9*HYKO tests 2800-2966c9 - Album on Imgur

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Guest Sinebrychof
I bought 4790k and 2 vario eith reservoir,up for the rest.



980 ti

Gtx 580

Delid tool

Good Ddr3 at reasonable price.



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Ok mushkin 2000 7-10-8 psc for 60 euros and letter shipping.

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Thanks Luumi,but only samsung as i don't do subzero.


List :


-beast 7700k - 5200 prime95 stable.

-980 ti

-delid tool.

-samsung ddr3 2933 cl9 tight

-ek xtop revo dual d5 (i have 2 pumps d5,need only this top).




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