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Hey Guys,


Just a quick message to let you know we're working on making sure the championship qualifiers will be fair at every event. With the buffer of memory we have from last year, we will be able to supply everyone at a qualifier with the same memory kit. So special bins won't be effective during the qualifiers unless a memory vendor partners up for a specific event.


We are also working on a large enough pool of CPUs that we can pre-bin to ensure the CPUs are as closely matched as possible. The exact details are still in the works, but hopefully we can also provide CPUs as prizes for each event.


To be continued!

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Does this mean all hardware will be the same for the competitions across all events for the year? Or does it mean you will be posting the hardware used ahead of each event?


Personally I think it would be great if able to keep it same throughout the entire season and announce at the beginning of the season so most can prepare as much as possible. Of course with that there is the thought that attendees at the end of the season events have a slight advantage but that's just the nature of the beast IMO.

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@filmbot: our goal is to level the playing field for each qualifier.


For the final we are trying to find a solution to work around the limitations of the brand affecting performance too much. Though, after all the 'panic' in the forum prior to the Championship, it turned out that even with a "non-asus" and "hynix IC" you can get pretty far. That's what PXHX used and he almost made it to the final :)

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