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How Much LN2 Do I Need?


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I am a beginner in sub-ambient cooling, and have started planning my first LN2 rig. Because dewar rental and LN2 itself are quite expensive, how much do I need for a day, or perhaps two, of benching?


In all honesty, it depends what you're benching!


If it's for 2D benching on high powered 4 cores such as the i7 4770k/6700k/7700k, then you would probably get away with 35-50l for a day or 2's worth of benching


If you're doing 3D benching, then you're going to use more, maybe 45-60l?


That's just from my personal experience of course!

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I have 2x50L and 3x30L


Some things to keep in mind is price usually goes down with the more quantity you are getting. The 30L dewars lose a lot less than the 50s when they are sitting for a week. Won't matter if you plan to use it all right away. Doing 2d full pot on latest platform I can get 2-3 2-3 hour sessions. So I'd say 4-6 hours of benching per 50L for CPU only.


30s are easier to handle and you can just set it on a chair and tip it to fill the flasks. Extractors are overrated IMO.


Hope this helps.

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