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[FS/FT] Top GPU Modded - Old School Is Best Rount 1


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Up for sale or trade is one of the best GPU's for the current OSIB R1 competition that's going on right now. I modded my card with the intent to run cold for the competition but my plans didn't quite work out right with X48 DDR3 so I wont be participating.


The card is the Quadro FX3700. Do your homework but based on my research this is one of the best possible cards that can be used for the competition. All the top subs for this competition so far are coming from this card.


List of mods:

-Vcore LED display

-Vmem LED display

-Vcore adjustment pot

-Vmem adjustment pot

-Vcore mod disable switch

-Vmem mod disable switch

-Hardware level OCP trigger removal (Per Phase OCP)

-3000uF of delicious capacitance per phase (1000uF x6).







Mods Disabled (Stock Volts):



Mods Enabled:



I tested the card with a little voltage bump in Vantage and did several runs to make sure its solid. The card has never been overclocked to my knowledge (not by me anyway) so you get to pop its OC cherry and find out the potential for yourself. I have modded this PCB (Identical to 8800GT 512) no less than 6 times before and I know the mods are super sold.



USA: $45 shipped USPS priority (2-day most locations)

International: $35 + Actual shipping


Trades: I am cool with a no-cash hardware swap trade where we both are responsible for shipping. I have nothing particular in mind but if you have some hardware lying around that you want to trade for this GPU shoot me an offer.

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Sure hope the pending sale goes through David, I would of bought this right away if I thought I'd have time for OSBS. It would be a shame tho if not used in comp it was made for and why it's not currently here. $35 doesn't even cover labor in my mind so someones getting a free card and mod materials for $45 shipped US, Keep up the good work bro !

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