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BCLK Tuning on i5 6600 non-K : help needed


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Hello All,


I posted a message previously but I'm not sure it appeared on forum.


I Tuned my BCLK to 113MHz on ASUS Z170-K @ I5 6600 non-K, and I was expecting to boost my CPU from 3.3GHz to 4.4GHz.


But in fact I get a 3.7 GHz CPU since my CPU multiplier is locked to X33 (my CPU ratio is supposed to go up to X39).


Even if I allowed the Ratio to X39 in BIOS when I launch an OCCT test, my max CPU is @ 3.7GHz


I'm not sure to understand what is wrong and if someone could explain to me how to unlock my CPU ratio to X39 it would be great :)


My build is:


- ASUS Z170-K

- i5 6600e @ 3.3GHz

- 2 X 8 Go GSKILL @ 2133 MHz

- GPU = GTX 970

- Win 7 integral edition



Thank you for support!:)

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Hi dude,


the standard clock multiplier for i5 6600 (Non-K) is 33 - higher multipliers are only applied via turbo which is is not used in Skylake Non-K OC Bioses.


So the calculation you want to do is 4400 divided by 33 = 133.34 BCLK. Means set your BCLK to 133.34 and your on the desired 4400 Mhz.


Happy oc`ing. Greetz.

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