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Good 5820K and X99-SOC Champion, 3031A 980x

Guest Sinebrychof

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Guest Sinebrychof

Up for sale a good x99 board that is now hard to find and golden 5820k based on water results and SS.



1. 5820K BOXED, 450 euros and shipping SOLD


Can do 4.9ghz cinebench at 1.27 vcore, geekbench 1.288v and lower with LLC6, and 4.7 cache at 1.25v on water in Rampage V Extreme. Also can do 5.35-5.4 cine on SS at 1.45v but my SS is not strong enough for these cpus to push more, need to use slowmode to cool in between.



2. X99 SOC Champion. 220 euros and shipping, EU only due to shipping cost. SOLD


Solid board, comes with box and original receipt. No damage and no bent pins in socket, latest bios installed.



Payment via paypal as gift or bank transfer. Offers are welcome.


3. Core i7 980X 240 euros and envelope shipping. SOLD



3031A good batch, scales up to 5.82 and above on SS cooling only for validation at 6 cores. Comes as tray without original box.


Luumi`s CPU Frequency score: 5823.49 mhz with a Core i7 Extreme 980X

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Guest Sinebrychof
At what voltage did the cpu score it's result for cpuz and pifast?



The cpuz was made at 1.7v but my SS is too weak for these cpus. For the time being the 980x is reserved.


Bump for 5820k.

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