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Extreme Single Stage testing - thoughts


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I was wondering how much load can handle my single stage cooler. I've build recently a new load tester with 180-580W range. So far I had only 350W and it seems it's not enough. I also wanted to test delta T between evap and heater according to some info from people, that they go into positive temperatures on hot (6 core) cpus.


Wattage is the last row on the screen on the bottom, temperature on the display is evap temp (upper one) and heater temp (copper block with 5 cartidge heaters for injection moulds on the bottom). Thermal compound is Arctic MX-2.


Maximum load for this cooler (19k btu comp) is around 500W.


580W only for short time operation and as you can see delta temp increased for about 6C. So that's the limit. But still temps are negative. Delta can be lowered a bit when using better thermal compound and by better insulation of the heater block.


I'm posting it also to give some information for people who are wondering why their phase change coolers (built 5-10 years ago) are not handling the load properly, when benching on modern cpus.


They were tuned usually for 250W, with smaller compressors. Also evaps used in those days are not good in loads bigger than 250W. They're still good for low end stuff, but for high end it's a disaster.


Big thanks for nachtfalke for a lot information and help.









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